Enjoying Salmon River Rafting to its finest

The fabulous Salmon River allows visitors from all over the country to access some of the most pristine and untouched terrains. What you are looking at is roughly 4.7 million acres of Wilderness Area.

Furthermore, the area is home to an abundance of fauna and flora, numerous hiking trails, and the opportunity to engage in Salmon River rafting adventures. http://www.orangetorpedo.com/salmon-river-rafting/

There is no other river like the Main Salmon River of No Return.

What can be more appealing than the opportunity afforded you to raft free-flowing Class III whitewater streams that are suited for any age and experience level? Then there is the awe-inspiring mountainous regions, bountiful wildlife, and hot springs.

During your river rafting adventures, you are sure to encounter at least two to three families who live on or near the river all year round. Without a doubt, they would have wonderful stories to share about living in the wilderness.

The early river runners were aptly named the “River of No Return” due to the Rapids being precluded by upstream travel? Is it any wonder that many folks keep returning to the Salmon River year after year?

Top-Rated Outfitters Provide Out of the Box Adventures for Close to 50 Years

Great trips on the Lower Part of the incredible Salmon River are a certain reason for any adventuring wanting to record their rafting success in their diary or post it on Instagram or their Facebook page for all to see.

Outfitters such as Orange Torpedo Trips pay close attention to all their guests and do their best to bring about an enjoyable time on the river like no other.

They firmly believe river rafting trips and nature-based adventures are part and parcel of one’s life experiences. Therefore, they have committed themselves over the years to provide the best trips available.

What Type of Rafting Adventures Can You Look Forward To?

You get to take your pick from a ½ day, full day or multi-day trip that consist of super exciting river rafting adventures on the Salmon River.

Other activities include wilderness camping, fishing, and visiting local homesteads.

The equipment they provide is geared towards whitewater rafting. You can make your selection from inflatable kayaks, oar boats, paddle boats, and Stand Up Paddle Surfboards.

What is more, your river guides are licensed by the state of Idaho and seasoned experts in everything they do, from knowing how to navigate tricky rapids, storytelling, cooking, and offering their knowledge about everything there is to know about the river.

If you wish to embark on a multi-day trip, then the following pointers would give you a rough idea of what to expect while you are at it:

When you arrive at Corn Creek, the Salmon river guides will ferry your group across the Salmon and take you to a fully furnished lodge for the evening.

Once you arrived, you will be briefed on how to pack your gear for the rafting trip that follows the next day.

Day 1 – The group will get on board their rafts to enjoy a proper warm-up session. Later on the same day, you will in all likelihood encounter your first whitewater Class III rapid.

Day 2 – Be ready for more rapids as well as beautiful scenery. Just before lunchtime, you are about to encounter the Black Creek rapid, which happens to be in the heart of the Black Canyon of the Salmon River.

Day 3 – This day will be a huge white water day and may even include an opportunity for hiking adventures.

Day 4 –  Be prepared to experience the incredible Elk Horn rapid.

Day 5 – You will find yourself right in the Grand Canyon of the Salmon River, which happens is also the second deepest canyon. What is more, you will experience a host of swimming adventures.

Day 6 – The best part, but also sad times, takes place on day 6 when you can look forward to a vast array of rapids. During this phase of your rafting adventure, the time for saying goodbye arrives. The group will also enjoy a late lunch, then transfer their gear from the dry bags to their suitcases for their trip to Boise.

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