How to do SEO in Seattle

The way consumers shop nowadays has changed forever. Thanks to the age of search engines, people are showing more interest in using the search engines to help them source products or services that will serve their needs. So, the very next thing they do is type in the relevant keywords into sites like Bing, Google, or YouTube. From here the engines would take over and rank sites that are related to their search terms and based on authority and relevance.

Business owners imminently require Seattle SEO experts to perform the necessary tweaks to ensure their website is targeting certain keywords. Besides, search engines extract the keywords from their on-page text, page titles, headers, and inbound links. Most businesses do not have time to monitor their rankings or their chances of ranking well for given keywords or keyword phrases.

Needless to say, choosing the right keyword for your topic is often the difference in getting found on the search engines or not. Therefore, it forms the foundation of an effective online marketing strategy. Seattle SEO company, Moving Mountains Advisors, recommend you focus on numerous variables that will have an impact on your keyword selection. They can be divided into two groups; 1) primary variables and 2) prioritization variables.

Primary Keyword Selection

It is crucial to understand what aspects of one’s keywords make them valuable to you. The characteristic or variables of a keyword are what will determine whether or not the keywords are worthy of your consideration regarding the SEO services Seattlekeyword strategy you’re using. Once they pass what we call the primary selection criteria, can they be subjected to prioritization tests?

Some things to consider regarding your primary keyword selection would be:

  • To ensure the keyword phrases have adequate search volumes
  • Ensure you selected keyword term is relevant
  • Assessing the levels of competition that is relative to your niche.

Should a given search term not satisfy any of the criteria mentioned above, then it must just be removed from your list.

Prioritizing Your Keywords

Two things require your attention, such as:

  1. Your competitive advantage for your service or product
  2. Profitability factor of your chosen goods and/or services that will be associated with the keywords

Just before you enter this vetting process, you must have a keyword opportunity list generated.

How to Generate your Keyword Opportunity List

A word of caution from a top SEO company New York. You need to get yourself ready for a brainstorming session where you will arm yourself with as many keyword ideas as you possibly can muster together.

The list would involve aspects such as:

  • Listing root products and services (e.g. plumber)
  • Brainstorm variations of the brand and product related keywords
  • Talking to your clients to establish which keyword terms they are searching for
  • Study competitors sites
  • Adding the necessary geographic variations such as Kentucky plumbers, Seattleplumbers, etc.
  • Adding descriptives to your keywords such as water heater plumbers, kitchen plumbing tools.
  • Taking all these variations and entering it into your Google Adwords Keyword Tool to obtain other variations.

Now that you have this covered, it is time to get your keyword list vetted.

Choosing Proper Keyword Phrases/Terms

At this stage of the game where you’ve gathered all possible keyword phrases or terms, you just filter the keywords for relevancy. After all, you do not just want to pull in traffic but ensure the traffic you’re getting is of a high quality.

Besides, quality traffic lets you convert visitors into customers, right?

Assess the Competitiveness of Your Keywords

It does not stop here. One needs to focus on the relevancy of your keywords while having the ability to attract traffic, but not too much of it as more traffic often results in high competition.

Let’s say you want to rank for the term ‘plumber New York.’ Doing so will put you up against all plumbing firms such as the more powerful and larger ones. As we are writing this, there are nearly 1.5 million searches for this term. Only about 10 to 15 is on the first page of Google.

When you pick your target keywords, you need to pick your battles wisely. How do you do that?

There is a host of tools that assess keyword competitiveness. What you really need to beat your competition is to make use of the services of search engine optimization firm, Moving Mountains Advisors who will assist you to gain relevance and authority for the keyword search you came up with.