Apartments vs Townhouses in Medford Oregon

You may have been very frugal with your monthly budget through the years as you regularly saved in your quest to buy Medford Oregon real estate property. However, you are not entirely sure if you should opt for an apartment or a townhouse.

As you are not in a favorable position to purchase your property and can afford to secure property in Medford, you need to make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Without any further ado, you decide to scan the property section of the newspaper and look online so that you can narrow your search down to either an apartment or a townhouse.

Proficient real estate brokers will help you find Medford Oregon houses and will tell you that it depends on whether you are single, in a partnership, or have children, or may even think of having kids soon. Your aspirations would be the deciding factor of where you buy and what you buy.

It is best to weigh up the pros and cons of buying an apartment as opposed to a townhouse. Let us look at the advantages of settling for an apartment instead.

What are the advantages of purchasing an apartment?

No doubt, apartments are more affordable than a townhouse. One of the advantages of an apartment is the security of your family. Apartments are a viable option if you travel a lot and don’t want the hassle of maintaining a garden. The most significant advantage is that It’s a true lock-up and-go facility.

Furthermore, help is close by should you have an emergency, and it is easier for a newcomer to make friends in an apartment than it would be if you lived in a townhouse.

Generally, you will discover that apartments are properly serviced, so you don’t have to take your rubbish out every single week or be overly concerned about the outside walls that need repainting. This in itself proves to be a considerable saving.

The disadvantages of staying in an apartment depending on how big it is and how well it was built. Then there is the chance of your neighbors having a tiff, or they may prefer listening to loud music to the extent that you can hear every word and sound made.

It may feel like they are right inside your living room. What is more, you are sure to hear the bath water running and the toilet flushing in the middle of the night.

Depending on the rule and regulations, the corporate body may allow pets. Therefore, you should think about buying an apartment.

Now that you have more insight regarding buying an apartment, it is time to look at other options. As a newbie, you may not want the hassle associated with maintaining a house and a large yard. Not to mention all the expenses that go into it.

Why Buying a Townhouse Maybe Worth Your While

You get to have the best of both worlds in buying a townhouse. When it comes to selling your property, townhouses are often way more affordable and easier to sell than a house.

Some of the townhomes in and around the Medford area are single standing units which afford you privacy as well as ability to enjoy the benefits of barbecuing and gardening in your small garden.

Many townhomes feature a communal gym and swimming pool which is an added advantage. Pets are usually welcome, and children will have the freedom to play safely in communal areas.

Living in a townhouse is far more secure than living in a house. Often there is a security check on entering the premises which give one peace of mind.

The downside of staying in a townhouse is the old saying: you can choose your friends but cannot choose your neighbors.

Often the walls are very thin and just like an apartment you get to hear everything that goes on with your neighbors.

This can be very annoying to say the least should they decide to play their musical instrument in the middle of the night because they cannot sleep.

You may want to have a word with your local Medford Oregon real estate specialist about Condos or other viable options to do with housing.